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SourceAmerica is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create employment opportunities and choices for people with significant disabilities. We do this by assisting our federal and commercial customers by identifying the nonprofits in our national network that are best suited to fulfill their contract requirements, which in turn, provides employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. SourceAmerica is one of two nonprofit agencies established to help implement the AbilityOne Program.

We do not offer employment placement services. We do, however, offer employment resources. We can also help you connect with a local nonprofit that may be ready to hire. Please check out our map and find a location near you.

SourceAmerica does not directly provide products and services to corporations and federal agencies. These products and services are provided by our network of nonprofit agencies. SourceAmerica can, however, connect corporations and federal agencies with nonprofits across the nation that can meet their products and services requirements.

To schedule a meeting about the products and services offered by our network of nonprofits or to learn more about a specific product or service, contact us

SourceAmerica conducts its business in several different environments. There is only one situation where SourceAmerica decides who receives a contract. This only happens when SourceAmerica is the Prime Contractor for the contract. When SourceAmerica is the Prime Contractor, we decide who serves as our subcontractor(s). In all other situations, SourceAmerica makes recommendations regarding which nonprofit agencies are best suited to fulfil the federal agency or commercial customer’s requirements. Ultimately, it is the federal agency or commercial customer that awards the contract to the nonprofit agency. 

In the case of AbilityOne contracts, SourceAmerica makes a recommendation to the U.S. AbilityOne Commission. The U.S. AbilityOne Commission is the final selection authority and authorizes the nonprofit to perform AbilityOne work. The AbilityOne contract is still authorized and executed directly between the nonprofit agency (as the Prime Contractor) and the federal agency. 

No, SourceAmerica does not employ the people with disabilities who work on the contracts. The people with disabilities who work on the contracts are employed directly by the nonprofit agency awarded the contract. SourceAmerica’s role is to secure the opportunities that will employ more people with disabilities. We do this by connecting the nonprofit agencies in our network with contract opportunities they are ideally suited to pursue. For employment at SourceAmerica, visit our Careers page

SourceAmerica provides an array of support to the nonprofit agencies in its network. Some of the benefits and supports offered include: training, financial assistance, technical assistance, contract support, legislative and policy advocacy, regulatory reviews, and information on political and environmental topics that may impact our industry. 

The nonprofit agencies offer an array of products and services. The creation and/or delivery of these products and services create the jobs for persons with significant disabilities. Without the capabilities of the nonprofit agencies, the jobs are not possible. The nonprofits also help individuals identify suitable employment options and provide valuable training to persons with significant disabilities to help ensure each individual is successful through meaningful employment opportunities.  

The Procurement List is a list of products and services offered by designated nonprofit agencies. The list is maintained by the U.S. AbilityOne Commission as part of the AbilityOne Program, and as long as supplies and services on the list are available when needed, federal agencies must purchase them from this list. This is not an exhaustive list, so please contact us with your requests.

Under federal regulations and AbilityOne Commission policies, SourceAmerica has no investigatory or enforcement authority over nonprofit agencies awarded AbilityOne contracts by the federal government. The nonprofit agencies are independent 501(c)(3) organizations with their own Boards of Directors, and they operate separately from SourceAmerica. Learn more about SourceAmerica and Ability One's responsibilities.